The Center for Pathogen Evolution

Welcome to the Center for Pathogen Evolution

The Pathogen Evolution Group is dedicated to research in antigenically variable pathogens and pathogen evolution, and to contribute to basic science and critical issues in public health. The Pathogen Evolution Group conducts highly translational scientific research focussed on improving our understanding and ability to predict pathogen evolution in humans and other animals, provides support to the World Health Organization (WHO) influenza vaccine strain selection process, and develops and distributes free high-quality software.


This group and our research is and has been possible due to the generous support of the NIH Director's Pioneer Award, the NIH NIAID Centers for Excellence in Influenza Research, the Human Frontier Science Program, the European Union Framework 7 project, Emperie, IFPMA, HBLB, FLUAID, Framework 6 Virgil projec, Framework 5 Novaflu project, Gates-Wisconsin (funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Wellcome Trust.

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Department of Zoology
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